Are you Insured?
Yes. We are fully insured with Pet Business Insurance. We have been fully insured since our inception in 2009 and have never been the subject of any claims or complaints.

Will I get the same Dog Walker or Petsitter every time?
Yes. We are NOT a Franchise and do not use “host families” to look after your pet. We want your pet to feel 100% happy and secure at all times and  your pet will only be looked after by Maggie Reilly personally, who is the owner of Cosset  & Walker.

Do you have any formal qualifications?
Yes. Prior to establishing Cosset & Walker, Maggie Reilly was a fully qualified Lawyer. Having left the field of law to set up Cosset & Walker in 2009, she has successfully completed the academic stage of the Professional Petsitting Course conducted by the Centre of Applied Pet Ethology (“COAPE”), achieving the maximum ‘A’ Grade, and is now in the process of completing an additional formal Diploma in Animal Care, outside of COAPE, which focuses on the practical aspects of working in the field of animal care and animal management, and which covers all the different types of household pets from Cats, Dogs, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamster, Mice and Birds to Reptiles and Amphibians and even Horses. This will afford Maggie two further formal qualifications in her new chosen field of work – a SAC Dip Animal Care Diploma and an NCFE Level 3 Award accredited by ASET and NCFE which is recognised in the UK by the Department of Education and Skills (DfES), Learning Skills Council (LSC) and the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA).

Can I contact you while I am away to see how my cat is settling in and make sure they are ok?
Yes, yes, yes!! We are happy to be contacted any time at all and actively encourage it! We will fill in a Report Card for your return detailing everything your pet has been up to while you are away but we are more than happy to give as many additional updates to you by text, email or whatsapp messaging as you want – we know you miss them!

Do you charge extra for weekends and bank holidays?

Do you charge Cancellation Fees?

Do you have any formal conditions?
Yes. For the protection of all our other clients, we ask that your pet is on flea and tick preventative treatment.

What happens if my pet falls ill whilst in your care or is involved in an accident?
We will always try  to call you first to discuss the situation and the best course of action. If we are unable to contact you and we feel medical attention may be required we will transport your pet to your own veterinary surgery (as detailed on the client record we complete at our first meeting with you) or, if closed, to our own veterinary service or to an emergency surgery. You will be responsible for any costs incurred by a vet. All of this will be discussed with you at the first meeting, which is free of charge, where all clients are asked to sign a Vet Release Form confirming that, whilst you are away, we are acting as your guardian and have your permission to do anything we deem necessary in order to protect and keep your pet in good health. Fortunately, we have never had to rely  on this form, but feel it is always better to be prepared!

Do you operate a key holding service?
Yes. We operate a key holding service which is offered free of charge to all our clients.  All keys are kept in a secure safe that remains locked at all times. Keys and alarm codes are colour coded according to our own bespoke system (similar to the sort of systems operated by estate agents) which nobody else has access to. Addresses – or even pet names – are NEVER attached to keys to ensure absolute security at all times.

I am worried about handing my key over to ‘a stranger’?
Most people initially have some reservations in this respect but all our clients have felt 100% reassured once they have met with us. We will ask you to sign an authority releasing your key to us and this authority will also confirm that your key is returnable to you at any time upon demand. Should you require return of your key temporarily (for example you lock yourself out!) we will ask to you “sign your keys out” so that everybody knows exactly where your key is at any particular time. When you return the key to us we will ask you to sign the log again. Your key is only ever used by the owner of Cosset & Walker and when not being used is stored in accordance with the strict security procedure detailed above. Maggie is very well known in the local area, as both a former Solicitor, and as a resident on Carlton Road in Sale for over 30 years so you can rest assured that both you and your pet are in the safest possible hands.

Should I provide my pet’s food for when I am away?
Yes. It is important that your pet continues with his or her own usual diet both in terms of familiarity for them and also to avoid any upset tummies from a sudden change in diet.

What happens if I have not left enough food for my pet?
We strongly recommend that you leave ample food when you go away. We will never allow your pet to go without food however and will therefore be glad to shop for more should you miscalculate the amounts. In such circumstances we shall treat this as an additional “Welcome Home” service (see our Other Services page) for which a standard charge will need to be made in the sum of £10.00 plus the cost of your pet’s food.

What happens if I am delayed in returning home from holiday or a business trip etc?
We ask you to contact us as soon as you have returned home so that we know your pet is safely back in your care. We will leave you a note reminding you of this at our last scheduled visit so do not worry about forgetting to do this! If you contact us to say that you have been unexpectedly delayed, or if we do not hear from you and cannot make contact with you, we shall continue caring for your pet until you return home.

Do you have any vacancies or part time work?
No. Unfortunately we are not able to employ casual or part time staff for insurance reasons.

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Cosset & Walker is not a franchise and your pet will be cared for each and every time by the owner of Cosset & Walker personally.
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