Cosset & Walker Now Provide a Hen Sitting Service!!

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As many of you are aware I was thrown in at the deep end somewhat last year when I rescued 5 ex-battery hens in conjunction with the British Hen Welfare Trust (see their website but have absolutely loved every minute of learning how to care for ‘the girls’ properly.

It is now a joy each morning to see the healthy, perky, inquisitive young ladies they have become gathered around the back door looking for company – so very different from the poor sorry little creatures I collected from Haslingden what seems like eons ago now. They are truly a huge part of the family now and Flo my (usually quite bossy) Border Collie would do anything for them!

Hen owners will know though that it is one of the first jobs of the morning to let the hens out from the hen house (and collect the delicious eggs!) and that late evening means a timely check to see that the girls have taken themselves off to bed so that they can be secured for the night against Mr Fox.

Cosset & Walker are pleased to annouce that they are now providing a Hen Sitting Service in the Sale and Ashton on Mersey M33 areas.

So if you are already experiencing the delights of having your own hens or are maybe looking into the possibility of rescuing some ex-battery hens yourself (do rescue if you can – you will soon discover that watching all their hilarious little antics is better than watching television!!) and you need somebody to look after your hens when you go on holiday – or even if you are going to be unexpectedly late home from work some evenings and just need someone to pop round to make sure they are safe please do give Cosset & Walker Petsitters a call on 0161-973-4901 or mobile 07961 34 34 78 or email me direct at //==F&<664x=6H^ }tyr9q}zxNsl}Nzop33-Mb(F/9,g-cHHF6546<: ,6=,9cH;/0:T/ 9,g-c #M4(03;6`MT9,73(*,NU U.RHzHT:<):;9NWOOQNNMkd4k(.k.0,MT9,73(*,NUkU.RHHOQy;905.Tg-964i/(9i6+,N\\ZOQMi*6::,;ii(5+i>(3g2,9G*6G(3g2,9LI?VVzzX,a*6LzI?VVzXz,a

I am proud to say that Cosset & Walker has already undertaken a repeat booking for their very first ‘hen sitting’ clients (Rose & Bluebell who were absolutely delightful) and we are looking forward now to many many more. Just when we thought our job couldn’t get any better….!!

Maggie the Cat Sitter (and now Hen Sitter!), Sale and Ashton on Mersey, M33 6PE.


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  1. Paul Thorley on July 4th, 2011 8:48 pm

    Everyone should get at least 2 little scraggy ex battery hens if only to enjoy seeing them flourish into the beautiful cheeky and enjoyable sweeties that they become. They are so lovely and so enigmatic that they bring great joy to their rescuers. The bonus is those absolutely superbly large tasty eggs that they give you so willingly at such very little cost.

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