Cosset & Walker Rescues Five Ex-Battery Hens!!

Cosset & Walker have been busy for the first half of this year settling in their newest additions –
5 Ex Battery hens who had come to the end of their commercial life and were scheduled for slaughter.

The rescue was undertaken by Cosset & Walker in conjunction with the British Hen Welfare Trust (BWHT), the first registered charity for laying hens. Please visit their website at

There are currently over 18 million battery hens kept in cages in the UK producing cheap eggs for consumers and the BHWT provide tireless support to battery hens in several ways :-

  • Firstly they take hens who have come to the end of their commercial life, from over 50 Farmers throughout the UK, and work hard to try to re-home these laying hens so that they can enjoy natural behavioural freedoms for the final part of their lives.
  • Secondly however the BHWT continue to campaign in a positive way to encourage British Farmers to invest in alternative free range systems. They have recently successfully persuaded Hellmanns to produce a free range mayonnaise meaning freedom for thousands of hens.

The BHWT Trust also ask the consumer to take responsibility for hen welfare rather than simply blaming the Farmer for the current archaic systems.

Even if you are unable to provide a retirement home to any of these poor girls therefore you can help take a hen out of her cage today by refusing to buy eggs in the supermarkets unless they are British organic, free range or barn eggs.

In order to encourage them to switch to free range production, farmers need to know that we will support them and that we will not abandon them to buy cheap foreign imports where regulations are far more relaxed.

Maggie the Dog Walker – Cosset & Walker


One Response to “Cosset & Walker Rescues Five Ex-Battery Hens!!”

  1. Stephen and Barbara Davenport on August 17th, 2010 7:51 pm

    Hi Maggie, We live on Portway Wythenshawe, just off the M56. We have 3x boxer dogs (all male) and 3x hens. We are looking for boarding for all 3 dogs and 3 hens in October. The dates are between 16th October and pick up on 27 October. We were given your name by Laura from Top Dogs who walks our boys during the week when we are at work. If you are available to provide the above cover for us would you please reply. Best regards Barbara and Stephen.

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