Mmm..trifle flavoured dog biscuits

We’ve just had a lovely long walk around Sale Water Park and met lots of lovely dogs and dog walkers out enjoying the unusually fabulous bank holiday sunshine. One Dog Walker we met on the way back, along the Ashton on Mersey part of the River Mersey, stopped to chat as our dogs chased around together like lunatics. As his dog looked back at him, Mr Dog Walker put his hand in his pocket and his dog immediately came bounding back, skidding to a desperate halt at his feet, and sat down with unwavering eyes on the emerging treat. My dog, who will usually never take food from anybody, rushed over with an equal amount of uncoordinated urgency before sliding into a similar position next to her new friend. We then watched with amusement as the two sat intently side by side, not a blade of grass between them, each vying to try and edge nearer whilst desperately still trying to keep bottoms sitting on the ground for fear of penalty. I told Mr Dog Walker I was surprised by my dog’s reaction and asked what these treats were that had given rise to such rapt attention. When it sounded like he said “They’re trifle favour” I presumed I had misheard and queried whether he had said “tripe flavour?” but he said, “No, trifle flavour. Sherry, I think. The dogs love them. And each one is injected with tiny amounts of hundreds and thousands..”. Well, my eyes were like saucers – and it was only when he began laughing that I realised just how gullible I am. They were chicken.

P.S has anyone got the number for Dragon’s Den though…?

Maggie The Dog Walker


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