Two Old Ladies…

I have been walking my border collie ‘Flo’ in Ashton Park for almost 4 years now and so we meet many of the same dogs, dog walkers and dog owners each time we go out which is nice.

One such person is a lovely ‘elderly’ gentleman we meet occasionally if we are out at a certain time of day. We happened to bump into him this week for the first time in a while and he came over to us saying he was glad he had seen us because he was going on holiday for a week over the Summer and wanted to know if I could look after his gorgeous Labrador for him while he is away. He is a genuinely lovely man and was ever so complimentary about my pet service and so I was feeling really rather pleased – right up to “Now I remember that you have the two old ladies’ names, but remind me, which one are you again, Maggie or Flo?”. I was chuckling all the way home. Old ladies’ names indeed!

Maggie The Dog Walker


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