“Look Mum, It’s the Dog Lady..”

“Look Mum, It’s The Dog Lady….”

I love kids and what they say. I sometimes wish we were all still like them. I love introducing them to the delights of having a pet as well.

There is a lovely little boy who lives near to me in Sale and he often sees me out dog walking and gets all excited. If I have a friendly dog with me I will take it over so that he can pet it (or do his “bit of fussing” as he calls it) but if I am walking a more powerful dog or one that is not as friendly, I will just wave and shout hello and he will generally just wave back.

Yesterday though for the first time as I walked past with the dogs I heard him shout “Mummy, mummy, there’s The Dog Lady!!”. I was quite pleased with that, thinking what a lovely childlike way to describe what I do. Until I went home and him indoors said “Hmmm. Don’t you think that sounds a bit like ‘The Bag Lady’?”. Well, it does NOW!!! Grrrrr…

By Maggie The Dog Walker


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